Woman ‘annoyed’ as friend makes ‘cheeky’ request for help cleaning her house

Woman ‘annoyed’ as friend makes ‘cheeky’ request for help cleaning her house

Cleaning your house from top to bottom in order to get it looking as nice as possible for estate agent photos isn’t always an easy task, but it’s something that needs to be done before you can sell it and move on.

But one woman who is putting her house on the market has unknowingly annoyed her best friend by asking for help with the cleaning – as her mate has no intentions of lending a hand.

In a post on Mumsnet, the woman’s friend explained she was asked to help with “gardening, cleaning, and packing” in a text message that suggested she would be paid in “lunch and bubbles” for her hard work.

But the woman is furious at the request because she doesn’t want to give up what little free time she has to do someone else’s housework for them.

She said in the post: “[Am I being unreasonable] to not want to clean her flippin’ house and to be annoyed that she asked?

“My best mate sent me this WhatsApp two days ago: ‘Hey darling! We are putting the house on the market ASAP, if you have any spare time in the next few weeks to come and do some gardening, cleaning, packing or anything to get this house looking good for the photos I would be so very grateful! And pay you in lunch and bubbles!’

“I’ve been stewing over it. Why the hell would I want to come and clean her house and do her garden!? Are cleaners and gardeners usually paid in ‘lunch and bubbles’? I don’t even drink bubbles, I don’t like the sensation and I never have.

“Where is all this spare time coming from? And why would I not have my own stuff to fill it with? Like, for example, my own life admin. Or even just relaxing after a stressful few days at work!

“I moved last year and she didn’t help me at all! But I can’t tell if I’m being selfish.”

Commenters on the post were split, as while some said her friend’s request was “cheeky”, others insisted she was only asking and that the woman could say no without being frustrated.

One person said: “She’s just asking, thinking her friends might want to help. Plenty will.

“I get you don’t want to do it – I wouldn’t either as we have heaps of things around here we don’t have time to do and I loathe cleaning.”

While another added: “This is a perfectly normal thing for a best mate to ask another best mate. If you don’t want to do it just say no, you can’t.”

But someone else disagreed, stating: “That’s proper cheeky, come and clean her house and do the garden. I’m with you. F**k that. She can clean her own house. It is absolutely not a normal thing to ask someone to do.”