Woman gutted after gifting boyfriend kidney and ‘second life’ – then learning he cheated

Woman gutted after gifting boyfriend kidney and ‘second life’ – then learning he cheated

Breakups are incredibly difficult to overcome – especially when there’s an obstacle holding you back – and in a woman’s rather unbelievable case, an organ.

TikTok star Colleen Le was left with more than she bargained for when she entered a relationship with her now ex-boyfriend – who had chronic kidney disease and needed a transplant at 17.

Not only did Colleen leave the relationship without a kidney – but she was left with a broken heart.

In the viral video – that has already surpassed ten million views – she claims her ex-partner cheated on her despite the lengths that she went to for love.

Colleen described her excitement to come to her boyfriend’s aid whilst the pair were in a relationship.

Sharing the video to the social media platform, the TikToker pumped her fist to the lyrics, “I win!”

The text said: “Excited my boyfriend gets a second chance at life after getting my kidney.”

The footage quickly clipped to Colleen laying flat on the bed – with a splatting sound emphasising the fall.

“Cheats on me,” the overlay read.

The brunette has rocketed to internet stardom – having raked in a jaw-dropping 48,000 followers to date – as she continues to document the mortifying ordeal in a series of clips.

In the video, viewers fled to the comment section to share their thoughts on the ordeal – with many slamming the ex-partner’s betrayal.

“The best part is you know that your ability to love is that amazing – you should be proud of yourself,” one user gushed.

“Ma’am, get your kidney back,” a second penned. “If he can live without you he can live without your kidney.”

A third commented: “This is a different kind of betrayal – if I was close to him in any way, I would remind him every day what you did for him.”

Clearing up the situation, Colleen penned: “Don’t worry y’all, I’m not with him anymore and haven’t had any contact with him for over 5 years.”