Inside dentist’s abandoned ‘horror movie’ mansion filled with teeth and old needles

Inside dentist’s abandoned ‘horror movie’ mansion filled with teeth and old needles

An urban explorer has shown the inside of a dentist’s abandoned mansion, with rooms filled with old teeth and needles ready to inject patients.

The explorer from the US, who prefers not to be named, shared the surreal experience on his social media pages under the name Triangle of Mass after returning to the property twice to try and film.

In a video shared on TikTok (with the username @triangleofmass) the explorer pans around to reveal an old abandoned dentist chair, with a needle still being held up by an arm on the chair.

The clip shows how the mansion has practically been left frozen in time.

As he continues to move through the property he reveals dozens of teeth moulds, old dentures and dental tools.

Teeth charts also sit in a box, ready for cavities to be marked off, though it’s been a long time since a patient has sat in that chair.

“Horror movie vibes” said one user.

Another viewer said: “Looks like my childhood dental office.”

“It’s weirdly pretty,” added another person.

Someone else said: “You’re finding such amazing things I’m really obsessed videos to.”

“How do you find and access these places! It’s so beautiful fascinating and interesting,” said another viewer.

The mansion is filled with eerie remnants of the dentistry profession from a bygone era.

There are dozens of pairs of false teeth left in bowls and on work surfaces ready for patients to fit into their mouths.

Boxes of medication and needles can be found throughout the abandoned laboratory.

And teeth charts are on display which seem to come from a time when dentists used pliers to extract molars from their terrified patients.

The spookiest thing is perhaps the dentist’s chair itself which seems ready to treat someone in days gone by.

The scene is made more chilling by abandoned needles which are ready to inject a terrified patient.

A selection of coloured bottles and test tubes seem to hark back to a time when pain cures were still being discovered and ways were still being found of treating patients’ ailments.

“The creepiest thing I found in there was that whole room, the entire house just sits there and then all of a sudden you’re inside a radio station as well as a dentist office with all the equipment still there – with moulds of teeth and so on,” the explorer told

“It’s like you took a wrong turn and it’s a whole different place you’re exploring, with the power that’s just been left on and you can hear the fridge on the upper floor screeching as its motor is about to die from running so much.”

The Mirror last month told of another urban explorer who told of the “mind-blowing” moment he discovered an abandoned home which appears to have been untouched for decades.

Kyle Urbex came across the creepy property in the Brimington area of Chesterfield, Derbyshire and inside found dozens of old comic books dating back to the 1960s decaying on the kitchen counter.

Family photographs and wedding snaps were eerily left out on the kitchen side, while toy cars thought to be around 50 years old were mysteriously left grouped together.

The photographer, 25, from Leeds, West Yorkshire, who has explored hundreds of abandoned properties since 2020, also found two passports sprawled across a table.

Kyle believes the home was at one stage occupied by a husband and wife.