Paranormal experts claim to be spooked after ‘witch’ hisses at them in creepy cave

Paranormal experts claim to be spooked after ‘witch’ hisses at them in creepy cave

Paranormal experts say they were left thoroughly spooked after going looking for the malevolent spirit of a cave-dwelling witch.

While exploring the caves of Wookey Hole, near Wells in Somerset, paranormal investigator Tony Ferguson and his team of ghost hunters claim to have heard the voice of the evil witch, who had lived in the caves some 1,000 years ago.

The group ventured into the caves at night, led by tour guide Jamie Russell, and were soon left scared out of their wits after allegedly hearing the witch for themselves.

According to Tony, the witch could be heard hissing at them, jeering “come to me” in an apparent bid to separate the ghoul hunting gang.

Even more chillingly, Tony says the female voice could be heard hissing “kill her”, and believes she was perturbed by the presence of other women in the group.

Tony, 37, his wife Bev, 59, and investigators Debbie McAll, 51, and Emily Cowell, 38, of Ghost2Ghost, say they recited an ancient poem together to awaken the sorceress’s spirit, right at the spot where legend says she once lived.

It was then they noticed an unnerving change in atmosphere, followed by the sound of a ghostly female voice.

Things became so intense, that even tour guide Jamie, 45, apparently had to step outside for a bit.

Tony, of Southampton, Hampshire, said: “We were being lured away from each other. I believe she was trying to get us separated from each other but we stuck together due to health and safety.

“There’s an effect called the ‘drunken feeling’ where you start to feel like you’re swaying. That usually means there’s something around you trying to break into your energy and a couple of us felt that.

“Other than that, most of it was verbal – like swearing and hissing – as she knew we could hear her. What was there was communicating with us and it was intelligent.

“Even Jamie has been at Wookey Hole a long time and he said he’s never been on an investigation where he could hear everything to the ear.”

As well as hearing the voice, the group also claims to have spotted creepy carvings on the cave walls, which they believe were etched by the witch herself.

According to local legend, the Witch of Wookey Hole was a woman who lived in the caves long ago and used her sorcery for all sorts of cruel deeds.

Under her powers, those in the area are said to have experienced crops failing, cattle dying and even people disappearing. The villagers were said to be so frighted of her abilities, they viewed her home as a “gateway to hell.”

As per legend, she eventually met her end after a priest and monk were sent to her dark underground dwelling, putting a stop to her evil doings by turning her to stone.

Tony says the witch is among the nastier ghosts he’s come across in his 12 years as a paranormal investigator.

He continued: “Growing up I had a few paranormal experiences of seeing a gentleman in my grandad’s house as a child. As I got a bit older I saw a female apparition at my mum’s house which late in life I was told there was a lady that died in the room I slept in.

“So it has pushed me to search for answers of what I was experiencing growing up. I document the journey by going to many of the acclaimed haunted locations around the UK and document any activity or anything unusual or unexplainable.

“I first started out just documenting it for myself but was amazed by some of the amazing things I have experienced.”